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Banquet Contract Payment

1. GUARANTEE:  The customer is responsible for payment of guarantee of guests in specified room at the time of deposit as written in contract.  Final menu selections and arrangements shall be completed no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the function date and an appropriate number of guests designated at that time.  Customer shall advise Blue Heron Pines of final guaranteed number of guests no later than one (1) weeks prior to function date.  The final guest number cannot exceed room maximum number.  If the final guaranteed number of guests is below agreed upon minimum number of guests, the customer is responsible for payment of the minimum guaranteed number of guests.  Management reserves the right to charge for damages in the event of a breach of this guarantee.
2. DEPOSITS/CANCELLATIONS: All deposits and payments to account are non refundable.  In the event of customer event contract cancellation, the customer shall be responsible for contracted revenues generated for the function including all charges, service charge and tax.  Blue Heron Pines will make every effort to re book the space, and if the space is not re booked at equivalent revenue, the customer shall be responsible for the difference.
3. PAYMENT: Payment shall be as follows: (a) A minimum of $300 deposit at time of booking.  Final payment must be made one (1) week in advance of the function date. If Final payment is not made one (1) week in advance, it must be made before the event starts. Final payment is based on the final guaranteed number of guests on a per person basis. Any additional charges must be paid via cash or credit card (d) payment of additional guests not herein included shall be paid at the time of function at a per person rate. If the function is cancelled, management will demand all damages stated in paragraph 2, including all legal fees. Gift Certificates will not be honored as payment for contracted events.

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Minimum Price: $1.00